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Jul-22 Allen Institute "DNA Typewriter keeps a record of cell's long histories"
Jul-22 HHMI News "DNA Typewriter Taps Out a Record Inside Cells"
Nov-20 GeekWire "New human cell atlases track how tissues develop, providing a road map for research"
Sep-20 Allen Institute - Lab Notes podcast "Lab Notes - SCANning for coronavirus"
Apr-20 MIT Technology Review "The US already has the technology to test millions of people a day"
Mar-20 Seattle Business "Dr. Jay Shendure: The 2020 Leaders in Health Care Gold Award Winner for Achievement in Medical Research"
Feb-19 Allen Institute "2 million-cell experiment traces how a mammal grows, cell by single cell"
Feb-19 GeekWire "University of Washington researchers create massive genetic map of organ development"
Jan-19 National Academy of Sciences "Jay Shendure, University of Washington, to receive the 2019 Richard Lounsbery Award."
Sep-18 Associated Press "Lab test may identify dangerous gene mutations, study finds"
Sep-18 Nature "Huge genetic-screening effort helps pinpoint roots of breast cancer"
Sep-18 The Atlantic "With CRISPR, Scientists Engineered Nearly 4,000 Mutations of a Breast-Cancer Gene"
Sep-18 STAT News "Study cracks open the secrets of the cancer-causing BRCA1 gene"
Aug-18 HHMI News "Cell Atlas Reveals Landscape of Open Chromatin in 100,000 Cells"
Dec-17 GeekWire "UW, Seattle Children’s and Fred Hutch launch $50M Institute for Precision Medicine, using genetics to revolutionize health"
Dec-17 The Seattle Times "Costco co-founder and boyhood friend give $50 million for precision medicine at UW"
Aug-17 New York Times "A Speedier Way to Catalog Human Cells (All 37 Trillion of Them)"
May-16 The Atlantic "Using CRISPR to Learn How a Body Builds Itself"
Feb-16NIH Director's Blog "A New Tool in the Toolbox: New Method Traces Free-Floating DNA Back to Its Source"
Jan-16New York Times "Searching for Cancer Maps in Free-Floating DNA"
Oct-15The Atlantic "Taking the Uncertainty Out of Genetic Screening for Cancer Risk"
May-15Howard Hughes Medical Research Institute "HHMI Selects 26 of the Nation's Top Biomedical Scientists"
Apr-15Seattle Times "UW experts shed light on false positives in prenatal tests"
Mar-15NIH News "NIH forms team of experts to chart course for the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative research network"
Jul-14HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology "Pioneer in Next Generation Sequencing Receives 2014 HudsonAlpha Life Sciences Prize"
Jul-14Cell Cell 40th Anniversary 40-under-40
Feb-14NIH Director's Blog "Creative Minds: Interpreting Your Genome"
Oct-13Federa (Dutch) "FederaPrijs to developer of groundbreaking DNA analysis"
Aug-13New York Times "A Family Consents to a Medical Gift, 62 Years Later" (Original Article)
Aug-13KUOW Weekday "What Caused Henrietta Lacks’ Aggressive Cancer? "
Jul-12American Society of Human Genetics "ASHG Honors Dr. Jay Shendure with Curt Stern Award for 2012"
Jun-12KUOW 94.9 (The Conversation) "UW Prenatal Test Could Replace Amniotic Fluid Testing"
Jun-12Los Angeles Times "Entire DNA of fetus revealed through risk-free testing"
Jun-12NBC Nightly News "Testing saliva for genetic makeup"
Jun-12New York Times "DNA Blueprint for Fetus Built Using Tests of Parents"
Jun-12NPR "Are Fetal DNA Tests A Key To Pandora's Box?"
May-12HHMI Bulletin "Exome Sequencing: Opening the Flood Gates"
Apr-12New York Times "Scientists Link Gene Mutation to Autism Risk"
Dec-10Times of India "Gujarati woman becomes first Indian to have genes mapped"
Nov-09Nature News "Selective sequencing solves a genetic mystery"
Sep-09In Sequence "Exome Project Paper Shows Exon Sequencing's Potential for Rare Disease Research"
Sep-09Forbes "Cheap DNA Sequencing"
Aug-09NIH (NHLBI) "NIH-Funded Researchers Sequence Exomes of 12 People"
Oct-06Technology Review TR35: The $1,000 genome
Aug-05New York Times "2 New Methods to Sequence DNA Promise Vastly Lower Costs"